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In a small insurance company, just as in any small business, departmentalization may be theoretical; that is, employees may perform functions in several departments. Executives, especially, may have charge of several departments. In the large company, of course, the various territorial departments may be virtually companies within themselves, in that they may be staffed to perform every function necessary to that department without assistance from any other department.

Life insurance providers in Australia continue their fight over the limited markets, and this has led to more affordable and flexible policies for those wishing to purchase premiums. One of the beneficial factors resulting from this increased competition is the ability for one to apply for an insurance cover without taking any medical examinations. As long as your risk levels are low, most insurance companies in the country will allow you to choose a suitable package without the necessity to taken a medical exam. This is a beneficial factor for western Australian residents who have a recorded low heart, diabetes and other terminal infection rates. This is based on a recent study that was conducted by the Western Australia department of health.

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